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NORML Alert: New Jersey Senate To Vote Monday On Resolution To Revise Medical Marijuana Restrictions

New Jersey Senators are scheduled to vote this Monday, November 22, on a resolution to compel state health officials to revise proposed regulations for the state’s nascent medical cannabis program. Please contact your state Senator and urge them to vote ‘yes’ on SCR 130.
Last month, New Jersey Department of Health officials released onerous draft regulations […]

What we need is an Afghanistan closer to home

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, soon to be the leader of the Republican Governors Association, continued his argument Thursday that the federal government needed to halt their intervention in the private sector and refocus their energy toward securing the border — even if that means sending U.S. troops into Mexico.

While pushing his small government economic message on […]

Obligatory Four Loko post

I’ve been asked when I’m going to weigh in on the Four Loko bans. I was thinking about it, but then saw that E.D. Kain had already done a good job of hitting the high points over at Balloon Juice: Give me Four Loko or give me death (or something).

But honestly we have to […]

Obama’s DEA Nominee Pledges To Ignore Administration’s Medical Marijuana Policy

It was a little over a year ago when the United States Department of Justice announced that it would back away from pursuing cases against medical marijuana patients and providers who are acting in accordance with state and local laws.
“As a general matter, pursuit of [federal law enforcement] priorities should not focus federal resources … […]

You violate my rights, and I’ll have you arrested

Chilling Her Softly. Jacob Sullum writes about the very disturbing case of the legal persecution of Siobhan Reynolds and pain doctors, now officially sanctioned by the Supreme Court.

By now, you’re probably all aware of the invasive new TSA procedures in airports, and have heard of the now famous body scan resistor, […]