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Precious Metals: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This is an OP-ED. Don’t lose your mind over it – but gold can’t hold at its current price at a ratio of almost 41 to silver. I’m sure everyone knows this, but there is a lot of platinum in …

Silver and Gold: Why Precious Metals Aren’t

“Silver and gold have always been a way to preserve wealth through recorded history.”
That was then and this is now.
If you stole Inca gold and took it to Spain, you were wealthy because Spain wasn’t trading with South America. …

Let Them Eat Gold: The Precious Metal Bubble

EDITED ON Independence Day:
Here is a typical reply to this post:
“Gold and silver have been storehouses of wealth since the beginning of time.”

That’s right, they have – and they still are – FOR KINGS AND NATIONS which field armies and …