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There is no crisis in Crimea

There is no “Crimean crisis”. There never was. It is theater and I fell for it. I allowed myself to be fooled into believing that if every country in the west had one story and every country in …

MH-370 – my best guess

UPDATE 6/26/14: I called it three months ago.
‘The FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) on September 26 asking that additional checks on the Boeing 777 fleet worldwide be conducted during scheduled maintenance .
‚ÄúThis proposed AD would require repetitive inspections of …

Poor Flossie

As has become the de-facto standard in America and particularly in Hawaii, everything is a disaster waiting to happen. This week is no different than any other week.
The government, in its mad rush to maintain relevance – and a budget …

Naeole Denies Ethics Charges by Former Campaign Volunteer

Just hours before the start of Hawaii primary election on September 18, Hawaii427.com reported that District 5 candidate Emily Naeole-Beason had become the object of an ethics complaint alleging staff violations of campaign rules.
The complaint was filed by Toni Robert …