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The Economic Contagion Has Spread to Germany

It’s pretty-much over at this point….
This morning Germany had a failed Bund auction.  That’s not particularly noteworthy; it happens from time to time.
But what’s noteworthy is that happened to bond yields everywhere through Europe in response: They blew out.
The Greek and Italian …

The Police State Vs. Occupy Wall Street: This Is Not Going To End Well For Any Of Us

Right now, we are watching the early rounds of a heavyweight fight between two extremely determined opponents.  Occupy Wall Street has no plans of losing this fight and neither do law enforcement authorities.  Perhaps those running the show actually believed that raiding Zuccotti Park and more than a dozen other “Occupy camps” around the nation […]

Touring Occupied Wall Street

New York City — Today was my second visit to the “Occupy Wall Street” rally at Zuccotti Park. (Zuccotti Park is privately owned, which is why they seem able to stay there…a public park might require a license or permit …