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Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health

This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world’s most controversial plant. Showing at the Palace Theater, Thursday, January 27th at 7pm. $5 admission at the door

The Heritage Foundation: A Last Refuge For Reefer Madness?

Last week the Heritage Foundation embarrassed itself again with an online essay from Cully Stimson, where Mr. Stimson abandons his and the Foundation’s supposed conservatism and free market principles in favor of maintaining the untenable bureaucratic ‘sacred cow’ of the federal government’s expensive, Constitution-twisting and self-evidently failed eight-decade-old Cannabis Prohibition.
Stimson’s “proof that medical cannabis is […]

Consumers Now Have Tool To Price And Find Best Marijuana Available For Purchase

Necessity is the mother of invention.
Cannabis consumers have always needed and pined for an effective tool that would tell us where the best cannabis can be found, what is the potency and price (and pricing trends).
Medical cannabis patients in the 14 states and the District of Columbia with cannabis patient protection laws can now visit […]