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World Congress on Zero Emissions Held in Hawai`i

In the blue economy every waste stream and every emission from one system is an input into another system. There are zero emissions in the traditional sense in that no emission or waste is disposed of in some garbage dump but rather is needed in some other value added process.

Big Island Police Arrest 34 for Drunk Driving

During the week of September 6, 2010, through September 12, 2010, Big Island police arrested 34 motorists for drunk driving. Five of the drivers were involved in traffic crashes. Five were under the age of 21.
There have been 1,077 DUI …

Hawaii State Resumes Marijuana Eradication on Big Island

With a primary election just weeks away, the Hawai`i state Narcotics Enforcement Division has restarted its Marijuana Eradication program over the Big Island.
According to a report Wednesday in the Hawaii Tribune Herald, Hawaii Narco chief Keith Kamita said the state Narcotics …