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Ron Paul: Government as a Venture Capitalist

In January 2009, the administration claimed that if Congress passed a rush stimulus bill, the United States would be saved from economic catastrophe that was threatening to send unemployment figures above 8 percent.  Government stimulus was the answer and if …

Why Government Cannot Be Reformed

As long as you do not live under a rock, you know that the Federal Government prances along on its merry way of central control, no matter who is in office. The traits of arrogance and aloofness …

Emery Prosecutor: Legalize Marijuana Now

Special to The Seattle Times

By John McKay
I don’t smoke pot. And I pretty much think people who do are idiots.
This certainly includes Marc Emery, the self-styled “Prince of Pot” from Canada whom I indicted in 2005 for peddling marijuana seeds to every man, woman and child with an envelope and a stamp. Emery […]