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Distribution of wealth on I-40

Via Grits for Breakfast, everybody’s after a piece of that asset forfeiture pie.

Cashing in: Who benefits most from seized currency?

Perhaps no issue proves more quietly contentious in the local law enforcement community than how the seized currency – about $14.6 million in 5 1/2 years – is divided among agencies hungry for revenue in […]

A modern-day Faust?

The Planning Commission in Colorado Springs is not only looking out for the welfare of the citizens, they’re going all out to make sure that Colorado Spring doesn’t sell its soul to the devil.

Apparently this involves making it almost impossible to find a location for a medical marijuana dispensary.

The commission recommended a 1,000-foot buffer zone between […]

Stupid pot thieves

A post that really has very little to do with drug policy (other than perhaps another reminder that with legalization, pot becomes less valuable to steal).

Soldiers: No Sir, We’re Here to Get Rid of the Marijuana

Three soldiers try to rip off a dispensary and manage to get themselves locked inside the dispensary (yet outside the safe […]

What’s in Your Weed?

There was an interesting article yesterday at NYU’s Scienceline called “What’s in Your Weed?”

The original address was http://www.scienceline.org/2010/11/whats-in-your-weed/ but that page is no longer available.

Basically, the article discussed the notion of the importance of CBD’s to the positive value of marijuana — an issue I’ve been very interested in seeing researched further. Unfortunately, criminalization has […]