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Top Narcotics Cop to Appear in Hilo, Speak Against Drug War

Neill Franklin, the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, will be in Hilo on Friday February 3rd, 2012.
The Big Island Chapter of Americans for Safe Access and the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii are pleased to be hosting this …

Remaking America as a Libertarian Society (pt 3 of 3)

(continued from part 2)
The Welfare State
For all its well intentioned origins, the welfare state must end. All citizens will be sent a check for the money they put into Social Security, with interest. A special fund will be created to …

Stop The Prohibition Madness

Hawaii’s 8,067 medical marijuana patients spend an estimated $400 each month on cannabis. In all, medical marijuana is estimated to be a $38 million industry in Hawaii.
But none of that money goes back to the state. Although patients with medical …