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10 Lessons Learned from Marijuana Election Defeats

Marijuana supporters nationwide awoke on November 3rd to find they had been defeated in all four statewide initiatives on the ballot. While losing these battles is not good news for our movement, the lessons we’ve learned and coalitions we’ve formed will help us win the war even sooner.
California’s Prop 19 received 3.4 million votes for […]

NORML Explains Why It Supports Prop. 19

California stands on the precipice of great change. This November 2nd, the Golden State is poised to make history by passing Proposition 19 and legalizing the adult recreational use of cannabis. Passage of Prop 19 would have a profound and cascading impact on marijuana reform movement in this country. It is impossible to understate its […]

NORML Conference: Key Speakers, Agenda and Earlybird Discounts Concluding

Key Speakers At 2010 NORML Conference in Portland, Oregon: Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Best-Selling Travel Author and TV Host Rick Steves

There are three important components in this 2010 NORML conference alert:
-Key Speakers
-Early-bird Pricing For Registration Is About To Expire
-Conference Agenda and Speakers Announced
-Key Speakers-
NORML is honored and proud to […]