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Dr. Andrew Weil: Cannabis “May Have a Primary Role in Cancer Treatment and Prevention

For nearly a decade now myself and others have been highlighting the potent anti-cancer and potentially cancer preventive properties of cannabinoids.
Now Dr. Andrew Weil, a best-selling author and world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, has lent his powerful voice to this discussion.
Cannabis Rx: Cutting Through the Misinformation
via Huffington Post
[Excerpt below; read […]

BBC Video: Cannabis and Human Evolution

While not necessarily ground-breaking science to longtime observers of cannabinoid research and cultural anthropology, the BBC video below (with about 45 seconds of pro-reform advocacy added), featuring US taxpayer-funded medical research conducted just up the road from NORML’s Washington, DC offices at the National Institute of Mental Health is very well done.
Question: When will a […]