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Now For Some Good News: “Harris Holds Big Lead Over Cooley In Undecided California Attorney General Race

Officially, the California race between Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris for Attorney General remains ‘undecided.’ But the totals from the latest vote count appear to tell a different story.

Harris holds big lead over Cooley in undecided California attorney general race
via Southern California Public Radio
Kamala Harris picked up more than 9,000 votes yesterday in the still-undecided […]

Kamala Harris pulls ahead of Steve Cooley for California Attorney General

[UPDATED Monday] There is still hope for California’s medical marijuana dispensaries!  As of Monday morning, the California Secretary of State shows that SF DA Kamala Harris has pulled ahead of LA DA Steve Cooley by 15,199 votes to be the next Attorney General:
Harris:  4,100,656 45.9%
Cooley:  4,085,457 45.7%
As Paul Armentano explained last Monday:
The race for California Attorney General has […]

Pot Taxes Are Coming To California

Despite last week’s defeat of Proposition 19 at the polls, new taxes on marijuana are coming to California.
As I write today in High Times online, California voters on election day by wide margins endorsed citywide medical marijuana tax ordinances in Albany, Berkeley, La Puente, Oakland, Rancho Cordova, Richmond, Sacramento, San Jose, and Stockton. You can […]

2010 Election Update: Cooley Leading In Polls Is Bad News For California Medical Marijuana Patients, AZ’s Prop. 203 Continues To Trail

Though the race for California’s next Attorney General still officially remains undecided, Republican candidate Steve Cooley is now leading Democrat Kamala Harris by some 26,000 votes. The Los Angeles Times reports that at least 850,000 ballots — mostly mail-in ballots that arrived in election offices on election day — still need to be counted, and […]

10 Lessons Learned from Marijuana Election Defeats

Marijuana supporters nationwide awoke on November 3rd to find they had been defeated in all four statewide initiatives on the ballot. While losing these battles is not good news for our movement, the lessons we’ve learned and coalitions we’ve formed will help us win the war even sooner.
California’s Prop 19 received 3.4 million votes for […]