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Opinion: Hawaii County’s Harry Kim Was A Lousy Mayor

So former Hawai’i County Mayor Harry Kim  is running for mayor — again.
Kim has already served two terms as mayor, from 2000-2008.  His political career was effectively ended by term limits in 2008. That year, Kim endorsed his executive assistant Billy Kenoi …

Ashida Plays Politics with County Council

By Curtis Narimatsu and Go Lakers
Mayor Billy Kenoi’s veto of the County of Hawaii budget for 2011-2012 was made possible by Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida’s handy declaration of its illegality.
The way we see it, Ashida is abusing the budget process for partisan purposes …

Spending Spree Waha Nui Mayor Billy Kenoi

Mayor Kenoi’s $44 million budget shortfall for fiscal year 2011-2012 — double last year’s shortfall — is outrageous and in no small part caused by Mayor Kenoi’s no-look pass-over of our coffer balance.
Council Chair Dominic Yagong and Finance Chair Brenda …