Hawai`i County Tip Line: 808-932-2999

Phone number 932-2999 has been set up as a County Council Tip Line to provide county employees and the general public the opportunity to call anonymously (if they choose) to report any concerns, impropriety or suggestions on how we can improve County operations.   It is my hope that many great ideas can come forward, and if there is a potential problem we can be pro-active and help address issues important to our employees and county.   The phone is located in my Chairman’s Office in Hilo, and people can leave their message with a name and number if they want a return call.  However, calls can also be placed anonymously if you so desire.

It is my intention to provide a monthly report to council at an executive session for their review.  Names and phone numbers (if provided) will be redacted from the report.   If a caller wishes not to be part of the executive session report, please indicate so on the message and your call will not be included.

This service is being implemented at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the taxpayers.  We took one phone line that was assigned to the Chairs staff (former # 961-8017) and replaced with a pre-assigned number provided to the County of Hawai‘i.  No additional phones were purchased and there will be no increase to our County Clerk budget due to this service.

If you have any questions regarding the County Council Tip Line, please do not hesitate to call me at 961-8264.

Warmest Aloha – Council Chair Dominic Yagong