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Fukushima Crisis Continues, Worse Than Reported from Start

Nobody in the world knows how to dispose of radioactive waste safely and permanently. That’s a given. The Japanese central government is presumably aware that anything it does with still the unmeasured, but vast amount of radioactive waste from Fukushima’s six nuclear power generators will be temporary. Leaving it in place is not an...
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Updating Meltdowns, Still FUBAR and Deteriorating

There’s not much new to say about Fukushima. It remains an out of control disaster with as yet unmeasurable dimensions that continue to expand. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that everything new about Fukushima is just the same-old same-old getting worse at an uneven and unpredictable rate. Either way, it’s not good...
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There is no crisis in Crimea

There is no “Crimean crisis”. There never was. It is theater and I fell for it. I allowed myself to be fooled into believing that if every country in the west had one story and every country in the east had the opposite story, either one side was wrong, or the truth...
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MH-370 – my best guess

UPDATE 6/26/14: I called it three months ago. —————— Background: ‘The FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) on September 26 asking that additional checks on the Boeing 777 fleet worldwide be conducted during scheduled maintenance . “This proposed AD would require repetitive inspections of the visible fuselage skin and doubler if installed, for cracking, corrosion, and any indication...
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Fukushima Meltdowns: Global Denial At Work

Does anyone in authority anywhere tell the truth about Fukushima?  If there is any government or non-government authority in the world that is addressing the disaster at Fukushima openly, directly, honestly, and effectively, it’s not apparent to the outside observer what entity that might be. There is instead an apparent global conspiracy of authorities of all...
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