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Missing Person

Big Island police are seeking information about a 17-year-old boy who was reported missing.
Austin Imholt failed to return to his Kailua-Kona home on 29 October, 2011. He is described as 5-foot-7, about 145 pounds, with a fair complexion, blond curly …

#OccupyHilo Organizes ALEC F29 Protest

Statewide, the islands of Hawaii pay some of the highest rates for energy in the nation.
Following the lead of Portland Action Lab and Shut Down the Corporations, Occupy Hilo is organizing its own “national day of non-violent direct action” near the …

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Bills: Latest Update

Below is an update from Jeanne Ohta of Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii. HB1963 did not get scheduled for a hearing in the House Judiciary committee. Section 4 was removed from HB2600.
Matt Rifkin

Here’s an update on the bills that we …