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Strict Medical Marijuana Rules Mean-Spirited and Ill-Informed

David Shapiro’s column on tightening up on Hawai`i’s medical marijuana rules was mean-spirited and ill-informed (“Green on right track to make medicinal pot rules more rigid,” Volcanic Ash, Star-Advertiser, May 4). Rather than our state law being “loosey goosey,” we are the only place, besides Vermont, where the program is housed in a law enforcement...
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Hawaii Senator Would Ban Most Medical Marijuana Patients

Today I attended the latest conference committee meeting between the House and Senate to discuss SB 1458, SD2, HD3, which aims to establish a medical marijuana dispensary pilot program in the state of Hawai`i. I have looked over the proposed bill, and IMHO it’s getting worse and worse. As at the meeting last week, Senator...
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Action Alert: SB 175 Would Move Medical Marijuana Program from Narcotics Enforcement to the Department of Health

Hawaii Senate Bill 175 SD 1 aims to transfer jurisdiction of Hawaii’s medical marijuana program from the department of public safety (DPS) to the department of health (DOH). The Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to make a decision on the bill this coming Tuesday, March 1, 2011. We believe phone calls and emails can make...
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