Author: Matt Rifkin

Matt Rifkin, born and raised in New York City, and 20-year resident of Tokyo, Japan moved to the Big Island in 2003 to escape the concrete jungles and neon lights. Became interested in cannabis reform when seeing the vast difference between US and Canadian media coverage of the murder of four RCMPs in 2005. Became personally interested in solving the inter-island transportation issue after being threatened with arrest at Kona airport on Christmas Day 2007. Although living in Puna, Matt lives “on the grid” and while not vegan or vegetarian tries to eat non-GMO papaya and organic fruits as often as possible.

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Bills: Latest Update

Below is an update from Jeanne Ohta of Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii. HB1963 did not get scheduled for a hearing in the House Judiciary committee. Section 4 was removed from HB2600.
Matt Rifkin

Here’s an update on the bills that we …

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Patients Should Oppose HB 2600

HB2600 is another attempt by law enforcement to shut down the medical Cannabis (‘marijuana’) program in Hawai’i by fundamentally changing registration requirements for physicians who recommend medical Cannabis, but not other controlled substances. It therefore targets medical Cannabis for harsher …

HB1963 Targets Medical Marijuana Patients with Chronic Pain

For medical cannabis patients in the state of Hawai’i, we really have a fight on our hands.
HB1963 had its first hearing last week. Unfortunately this bill, authored by the Department of Public Safety, and designed to drastically reduce the number …