Author: Tom Burnett

Dr. Tom is a retired scientist who is now farming on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Poor Flossie

As has become the de-facto standard in America and particularly in Hawaii, everything is a disaster waiting to happen. This week is no different than any other week.
The government, in its mad rush to maintain relevance – and a budget …

Conspiracy in Boston?

I reference this blog post by Dmitry Orlov.
Interestingly, Chris Kyle, who founded and owned The Craft, and Chad Littlefield, were killed a couple of months ago by a supposedly deranged veteran with PTSD — who Chris trusted enough to take …

9 Million Ways to Collapse

It’s been about two years since HND was the FIRST publication to report that Fukushima was a level 7 incident and would dwarf Chernobyl. I had the dubious distinction of writing that article and it was generally dissed for every …

Opinion: Guns and Liberty

I agree that YOU don’t need a gun and YOU shouldn’t have one. But the phrase “making it harder for criminals to obtain firearms” is completely the wrong argument. Criminals don’t obtain firearms legally and no one can tell a psychopath until they act out.

Haters Don’t Realize Obama is a Progressive Republican

It looks very much like the Republicans are going to continue with their backward ideas until the last of the Tea Party candidates are tossed out of office and Congress can revert to …if not a polite group….at least one …