Author: Tom Burnett

Dr. Tom is a retired scientist who is now farming on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Nuclear Weapons for Idiots

I suppose I had better explain how nukes work.  A lot of countries have a few.  Pakistan, Iran, Israel, North Korea, India, Britain, Germany, France….there are more, but you get the idea.  A FEW countries have a lot and the …

Dr. Tom’s Prescription to the Criminal Justice Problem

Eyewitness identification is notoriously poor and a lot of innocent people are in prison because they were incorrectly identified. I think eyewitnesses are a good start, but I also think there has to be corroborating evidence. Forensic science is quickly …

Close the Washington Monument

The empty monument would symbolize our war on the unexpected, — our overreaction to anything different or unusual — our harassment of photographers, and our probing of airline passengers.