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Gorgeous Lawyer Babes of Hawaii

With all this fussing and ruckus about Supreme Court nominee lesbian Sabrina McKenna, let’s not forget that gorgeous Carrie Buck over 60 yrs. ago was subjected to the same invectives, of which 2 were contradictory:that Carrie was a lesbian vs. Carrie …

What I like About You

Hawaii State International Longshore & Warehouse Union chief (and Honomu native) Isaac Fiesta and his Hawai’i Island unit endorsed Abercrombie, but was outvoted Statewide in favor of Mufi Hannemann.
Of course, Isaac’s gang (and the Hawaii State Teachers Association) pushed hard for  Mark …

Colleen Schrandt: Hawai`i County Legislative Auditor

Colleen’s office has mega-integrity with government reformers, especially with traditionally graft-ridden DPW & highway maintenance funds. Her audit of our monolith 27.5 million dollar highway maintenance fund found conditions ripe for corruption.

Our Prosecutor’s indifference/missed mark

Police Dept.’s Randall Medeiros was on Peter Boy Kema’s case from its start. The Attorney General has not intervened. The Mathison, Ireland, & Robert Diego Memorial Mortuary cases involved the AG’s office. When Peter …

Contempt of the Governed By Edward Gutteling

Conservative Forum for Hawaii
Contempt of the Governed
By Edward Gutteling
On November 17, I was struck by 3 news items that collectively turned my head around.
In the Hilo Tribune-Herald, front page: “Some isle drivers still haven’t got the message about illegally driving …