Author: Curtis Narimatsu

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The Kama’aina Pumping Scandal Remains Scandalous

By Curtis Narimatsu and Pseudonym Golakers
Kama’aina Pumping Service, owned by County of Hawaii Public Works Automotive Division Head, Randy Riley, was chosen by the county under a questionable procurement contract in 1996 to provide maintenance and cleaning of dry wells …

Spending Spree Waha Nui Mayor Billy Kenoi

Mayor Kenoi’s $44 million budget shortfall for fiscal year 2011-2012 — double last year’s shortfall — is outrageous and in no small part caused by Mayor Kenoi’s no-look pass-over of our coffer balance.
Council Chair Dominic Yagong and Finance Chair Brenda …

Dominic Yagong: Making Solon Proud

All praise to Council Chair Dominic Yagong
The prescient and practical Dominic Yagong (born 1959) defies fiscal convention based on revenue necessity.
Credit Dom for salvaging our coffers via Kapulena land sales. Dom upholds the values of home rule, local sovereignty, egalitarianism, …