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Personification is where the inanimate is given human attribute/anthropomorphic. Lyric in poetry expresses feeling/though. Free verse creative/descriptive, not just rhyme cant. Idyll a short rural scene. Rhyme feminine final unstressed syllable . Masculine final stressed syllable . Epigram short wit . Elegy — Gray’s “Country Churchyard. Headstone graced w/verse is ubiquitous imprint/style. Back...
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Pseudonym Thomas is society’s progressive reformer

A Renaissance Page of Lists omitting pseudonym Thomas would be a terrible oversight. Dionysian Thomas easily is the most mind-blowing of them all. Thomas is a taboo-breaker who mines shockingly political intrigue — as in liberation or subjugation — the “transgressional anchoring Thomas’ raison d’etre. As with moral crusaders...
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Dedicated to Sempai Kondo born 1950

Elected prosecutor Jay Kimura born 1951/raised on Kaua’i opposes the death penalty because the public opposes public execution, regarding it as a barbaric/savagely primitive display. Jay opposes...
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Sempai [sage older role model in Japanese vocabulary] Dwight Kondo born 1950

Sempai Dwight Kondo’s lost art here– From extraordinary writer Sempai Kondo, who writes in our local lexicon — Title: The language of a common man Author: Dwight Kondo The world is simple to a common man. Our language is abrupt and direct. Ask us why things be as they are, why soldiers die, why mother’s cry for deadly causes wiser...
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Of untold hero & heroine [missionary Jim & communicant Valerie]

Ravishing beauty Connie Irvin spoke before a packed house recently at Adult Sunday School, of Providence/Divinity telling her to marry hubby Dex, over other noblest suitor/Mormon missionary Jim , who died tragically in a car accident shortly after. So I asked [after...
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