Author: Curtis Narimatsu

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Ashida’s Conflict of Interest

What has been unstated in the media until now is that Lincoln Ashida’s campaign spending report shows that he accepted a $200 campaign contribution from Ted Hong after Ashida announced his candidacy for County Prosecutor.

In Praise of Hilo’s Rev. John Myoshin (“Bright Mind”) Lang

The resident minister of Hilo’s historic landmark Buddhist Taishoji Church,  John Myoshin (“Bright Mind”) Lang is quite the destiny-builder for us Buddhists.
I grew up in my mother’s Taishoji church community, while my maternal grandparents of the Ojisan-Obasan Hanato Kazoku family of Honalo, started Taishoji’s …

In Praise of Helen Shirota-Benevides

Helen Shirota-Benevides was born in 1939. Helen’s maiden name is Shirota and she hails from Papa’ikou village 5 miles north of Hilo. She is a devout Hongwanji Buddhist who epitomizes the “right intention” of Buddhism’s Noble Eightfold Path — to …

Ashida Plays Politics with County Council

By Curtis Narimatsu and Go Lakers
Mayor Billy Kenoi’s veto of the County of Hawaii budget for 2011-2012 was made possible by Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida’s handy declaration of its illegality.
The way we see it, Ashida is abusing the budget process for partisan purposes …