Author: Andy Parx

Journalist Andy Parx has covered Kaua`i government and politics for over 30 years in print and on local TV. He currently writes a daily on-line news, commentary and analysis column at "got windmills?- The Daily Tilt."

Last Newspaper Standing

It didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop after the eyebrow-raising buyout of the Goliath Honolulu Advertiser by the David Star Bulletin.
But the reasoning for the new pay wall for on-line readers of the new Honolulu Star-Advertiser (S-A) …

Who are the Agricultural Terrorists in Puna?

Apparently it’s the crime that will not speak its name.
When the first word in the headline- “Decapitation…” caught our eye Wednesday we almost kept scanning the Honolulu paper for less bloody fare — until, that is, we read “…of papaya …

What the Kauai County Council Doesn’t Want You To Know

The labyrinth was quiet– too quiet. But that’s the way the minotaur likes it.
So he was surely overjoyed at the extra layer of opaqueness the Kaua`i County Council added via their final rules changes passed at the last full council meeting (7/6).
What …