Author: Andy Parx

Journalist Andy Parx has covered Kaua`i government and politics for over 30 years in print and on local TV. He currently writes a daily on-line news, commentary and analysis column at "got windmills?- The Daily Tilt."

Kaua`i Island Utilities “Co-Op” Is Not a Cooperative

It gets harder and harder each year to get excited– make that “involved”, since we left “excited” behind years ago– in the election of board members of Kaua`i Island Utilities “Co-op” (KIUC).
Note the word co-op in quotes.
Every year it’s the …

Loose Lips Sink Ships: Skipper Slaps Gilligan Upside the Head

Apparently all is not well on the SS Minnow.
Seems the Skipper’s “little buddy” went temporarily insane and deviated from the script– prompting a dressing down for daring to do so on Wednesday’s “episode.”
It was just before lunch when the Skipper, played by Kaua`i County …

Senator Lingle’s Secret Sauce

It wasn’t that long ago that we all laughed at the prospect of former Governor Lingle running for senate whether Senator Dan Akaka decided to run again or not.
One debacle after another had left most of the state’s voters with …