Author: Andy Parx

Journalist Andy Parx has covered Kaua`i government and politics for over 30 years in print and on local TV. He currently writes a daily on-line news, commentary and analysis column at "got windmills?- The Daily Tilt."

Kaua`i’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Update

The first step in what will arguably be the most important process taken up by the county council in recent memory was taken today after more than 20 years of discussion.
And most likely no one will notice. Or care.
The long …

Who Disciplines the Chief of Police in Kaua`i?

There is nothing in the charter or Kaua`i County Code — or for that matter state law — regarding who has the authority to discipline or suspend the chief. This means that the county council can actually pass an ordinance regardless of whether the charter defines a specific power of the mayor or not.