Author: Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director

The Heritage Foundation: A Last Refuge For Reefer Madness?

Last week the Heritage Foundation embarrassed itself again with an online essay from Cully Stimson, where Mr. Stimson abandons his and the Foundation’s supposed conservatism and free market principles in favor of maintaining the untenable bureaucratic ‘sacred cow’ of the federal government’s expensive, Constitution-twisting and self-evidently failed eight-decade-old Cannabis Prohibition.
Stimson’s “proof that medical cannabis is […]

Free Marc Emery Money Bomb: Saturday October 16th!

Dear NORML members and supporters,
Canadian businessman and law reform activist Marc Emery is a political prisoner of America’s federal government.  Arrested in 2005 for selling high quality cannabis seeds to willing American cannabis consumers and medical patients, he now sits in a federal prison in Washington state costing taxpayer’s thousands of dollars per month, […]

Marijuana Triple Play

Politico does a twofer and the New York Times remembers an academic titan who well chronicled drug use and ensuing government policies to thwart it–a largely unsuccessful endeavor.

With unmistakable juxtaposition, Politico’s printed tabloid available in Washington, D.C. featured two informative items married together. First, a column from constitutional scholar and contributor Glenn Greenwald underscoring the […]

C-Span TV: Marijuana Legalization and California Ballot Initiative Prop. 19 To Be Debated and Discussed

C-Span TV: Marijuana Legalization and California Ballot Initiative Prop. 19 To Be Debated and Discussed This Saturday; NORML Director Allen St. Pierre vs. Former DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson
I’ve been invited back to C-Span to debate and discuss the topics of cannabis legalization, and specifically California’s upcoming vote on Prop. 19, a measure that if approved […]

The Mainstream Media’s Promoting Marijuana Myth Makers and Prohibition Junkies

The longtime government supporters of Cannabis Prohibition are very nervous about the upcoming binding ballot initiative in California which appears on track to be approved by millions of state voters. There is much evidence for this assertion:
A few weeks ago the Los Angeles Times published a so-called unprecedented ‘jointly’ signed letter by all of the […]