Opinion: Hawaii County’s Harry Kim Was A Lousy Mayor

So former Hawai’i County Mayor Harry Kim  is running for mayor — again.

Kim has already served two terms as mayor, from 2000-2008.  His political career was effectively ended by term limits in 2008. That year, Kim endorsed his executive assistant Billy Kenoi only after the primary election when it was evident that Kenoi would win in the run-off against general election foe Angel Pilago.

Now his life-threatening health issues apparently behind him, Kim seeks to lead again.

Harry Kim was the worst fiscal mayor in the history of the Big Island. He increased County government payrolls by 442 employees — $59 million in new salaries – -not including the tax payer contribution to retirement pensions, and lifetime medical and health benefit coverage, which the tax payer will pay into perpetuity.

Kim also lobbied for a taxpayer-funded $125 million dollar incinerator.

While Kim did do a good job as a Civil Defense Director, we paid for every hour, minute, and second he was out claiming he was protecting the community. Kim was actually milking the tax payer in overtime as a Civil Defense Director and was actually the highest paid government employee in the state, making more money than the governor did.

When the Kenoi administration would not give him another paid position with the County as a “Civil Defense advisor” he tried to get George Yokoyama fired as the President of HCOC, through Andy Levin lobbying the board of directors, and get his girlfriend Dixie Kaetsu the position to replace Yokoyama.

The board rejected the idea.

Also under Kim’s watch was the inept Bruce McClure‘s handling of Public Works. McClure was pushed around by Stanley Nakasone, the Highways Division Head, who allegedly awarded the curb, gutter and dry well cleaning contract to his friend, visit pureairways.com for more information about Randy Riley’s company… the infamous Kaimana Pumping Service.