Opinion: City Bill 65, HCDA, On Wrong Side Of Major Hawaiian Cultural History

Ewa-TCP-Decision-7BAll historic and cultural research shows that this Honouliuli-Ewa area is one of the most very important cultural and historic area’s in the State of Hawaii. The identified “Leina a ka Uhane” is an especially sacred wahi pana of the highest level. A HART EIS TCP (Traditional Cultural Place) report in April 2012 documents this.

One could almost say with certainty that there appears to be a sacred “cosmic alignment” of Hawaiian cultural history and western history in this special TCP area. The major aviation fields, beginning with the 1925 Mooring Mast Field, all have in common with the ancient Hawaiian Leina belief, a “spirit leaping” or “flying away” concept. All pilots know the spiritual aspects of flying a plane.

This ancient area, before it became MCAS Ewa and Barbers Point naval airports, was known as Kanehili, which was very much associated in Hawaiian cultural history with birds-“manu” and for special ceremonial bird feathers. In modern times scientists have found in the many Karst sinkholes and caves of this area the bones of ancient rare birds, including large pre-historic birds too large to fly.

The major 1825 mapped trails show Oahu’s largest native population- Honouliuli Ewa- centered around rich, fertile lo’i farmlands, clear fresh streams, Karst springs, and linked to mountain forest resources, abundant and prolific shoreline ponds, fisheries and the best limu in on Oahu. Limu is not only very important as a food and medicine, but also a critically important part of the shoreline ecology that is today being destroyed.

This same area is where the ancient Tahitians arrived and planted the first breadfruit tree. Elaborate trails were built to link the many important Kanehili areas with Honouliuli, and were used for the annual Makahiki ceremonies. Hawaiian goddess Hi’iaka describes a journey through this area nearly one thousand years ago. On certain special nights the legions of ancient Hawaiian warriors, killed in the area’s epic land battles, are known to march with torches on these same Honouliuli Ewa spiritual trails.

A large area of the most important, rich and fertile ancient Hawaiian farmland on Oahu, going back 1000 years and supporting Oahu’s largest Hawaiian population, where the bones of hundreds of thousands of native Hawaiian farmers and island warriors are buried, will soon be covered over by a Texas corporation forever because of City Bill 65.

The very special Leina a ka Uhane will soon be totally destroyed by another Texas corporation in concert with City Bill 65 and the State’s development authority- HCDA. Many areas have already been badly polluted and desecrated under HCDA’s administration and nothing is being done to stop it, despite State laws and State Constitutional statutes. This what we have today as a “government” supposedly “for the people…”

What is it about Texas Corporations that are so intent on buying off our Hawaii politicians, using HCDA and Bill 65, so that they can destroy the most important and sacred lands on Oahu? Doesn’t this seem like the ultimate greed and stupidity and so completely counter to “The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In Righteousness” ?

For those of us who have walked the land and have seen and felt the very special MANA (power) of this very special area know what a huge travesty and desecration is taking place- all in the name of greed and political payoffs. Without a doubt, some day a great disaster will befall these evil desecrators of Oahu’s most important lands and resources because this is simply not pono.

Those responsible for the rape of our lands should be looking over their shoulders and up to the heavens; there is not one ounce of moral justification for what Bill 65 developers and Hawaii politicians are doing to destroy the historic and cultural sites of these Honouliuli Ewa sacred places.



Ewa-TCP-Map 2B


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