Kakaako EA Shows Future Major Rail TOD Ground Water Problems

The mitigation to fix the huge number of problems for this badly chosen rail route will cost Hawaii tax-payers many billions of dollars and likely delay use of the rail system for many more years to come. During civil defense emergencies the rail system will be completely shut down and unusable

The featured site in this Environmental Assessment is adjacent to Mother Waldron Park…And the HART rail line runs right through this same area. Ground access to six HART stations will be affected by Ground Water Rise, Sea Level Rise and Hurricane Storm Surge in the coming years.

Many test trenches show ground water just 1- 2 meters below the surface.

Soil is mostly coral, sand, silt and junk land fill and in pre-western times was tidal ponds and lagoons fed by freshwater Karst springs.

Many burials from many eras area in this same area. The EA has lots of maps and photos.HCDA-Kakaako-MWP-1

Download PDF: Environmental Assessment For Kakaako – Mother Waldron