Conspiracy in Boston?


I reference this blog post by Dmitry Orlov.

Interestingly, Chris Kyle, who founded and owned The Craft, and Chad Littlefield, were killed a couple of months ago by a supposedly deranged veteran with PTSD — who Chris trusted enough to take to a shooting range and allow himself to be gunned down.

We can follow this back, at least to that point, by making the realistic assumption that Chris was offered the ‘crank bait’ contract and refused it.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. but I am a retired police forensic scientist. I used to help set up scenes like that on the Universal Studios back lot in the 70s for police training. Boston was a staged event, at least partially.

Alex Jones notwithstanding, the first link in Dmitry’s blog shows clear evidence of that fact. No police investigator or explosives expert in the world would believe it. The fact that anyone at all believes it simply proves that martial law can and HAS happened here. And we let it. In fact, people CHEERED it. The next city lockdown and house-to-house search will be to confiscate firearms and precious metal.

I believe I am at least temporarily exempt because I live in a remote area and am completely self-sufficient, well protected, and have nothing of value. It was my choice to convert to this type of lifestyle and, while it recalls a small 1870s farm, the reversion is not that unpleasant.

I am glad that I lived my life during the prime of America when we all believed that we were the good guys and most of us were. The Big Island of Hawaii is culturally diverse, generally non-violent, and we barter what we grow for what other people grow.

We can revert to a pre-industrial society within weeks because we have minimal or no infrastructure in most areas. Where I live there are no paved roads, streetlights, water, or sewers. I am connected to the grid, but when it goes, it does. And it sometimes does.

The few police officers we have drive their own cars and are typically busy with traffic accidents, see this page to find out what kind of car deals they use. To learn more about truck accident laws, visit When a feral pig gets into a garden, someone shoots it and puts it in a smoker. That’s farm work, not police work. We like our police officers and we know them. We know our military reservists as well. Everyone is related to someone. Everyone knows the good guys from the bad guys for the most part. When the police want someone, they send an email and they get him (or her). It’s an island. There is nowhere to run.

When Grandma passes, you bury her in the family plot on the farm. I’ll bet that tradition is all but forbidden back on the mainland – along with everything else.

The point is that Dmitry Orlov is correct that he financial system will fail. It doesn’t matter if gold goes to a million dollars an ounce. It’s only going to be worth what someone will give you for it. I’d probably give you a couple dozen fresh eggs and some vegetables. But who is going to be able to make change for an ounce of physical gold, and what will they make it out of? Silver will simply be worth face value. How does that preserve wealth?

The only purpose of a medical degree is to teach the ability to think through a logical progression based on observation and experience guided by intelligence – because most of the ‘facts’ you are taught will eventually be proven to be incomplete at minimum and more often completely incorrect.

There are photographs — many of them — which purport to show a person who had just had his prosthetic feet amputated by an explosive blast. In none of the pictures does the person exhibit any discomfort, nor is his facial and lip coloration indicative of a gross loss of blood. He is neither in shock nor unconscious.

In fact, a lot of people are sitting around with torn clothing, but there are no injuries visible through the tears. None of them seem to be in any distress whatever. Most interestingly, none of them are doing self-triage. They are not looking at their own supposed injuries. Even people in shock will put their hand on their injury and grimace. You can’t ‘not’ do that. It is completely involuntary.

What ‘blood’ there is, is the wrong color and texture. I served an extended combat tour in Viet-Nam and I have seen a LOT of traumatic injury as it happened. If shrapnel rips your clothes to shreds, YOU are going to be ripped as well. I don’t see any of that. Those pictures were of the ‘exercise’.

The possibility that a couple of college kids happened to pick the exact time and place of an unannounced drill to conduct an actual bombing using the same materials that the drill was designed around, carried in exactly the same types of packs with the same bulge shapes as uniformed operators had brought to the scene is completely beyond the realm of coincidence. Given that nothing has a probability of zero, this is statistically so nearly zero that nothing above zero can be calculated.

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