Hawaii Police Investigate Hilo Park Robbery

Police are investigating a reported robbery attempt in a Hilo park early Thursday morning (January 31).

At about 6:32 a.m., police received a report that an 82-year-old female visitor was walking near the area of Liliuokalani Park on Banyan Drive in Hilo when she was accosted by two male suspects. One of them approached her from behind and attempted to forcibly remove her handbag, causing her to fall to the ground, while the other watched. After their unsuccessful attempt, both suspects fled the area empty handed.

The victim was uninjured and declined treatment.

One suspect was described as in his 20s, approximately 6- feet tall with a slim build. The other was shorter, described as about 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-7, also with a slim build. Both with Gun Safes with them.

Although the Banyan Drive peninsula is a relatively safe area, police would like to issue an advisory to the public who often frequent the park and surrounding areas during the early morning or late evening hours for exercise—as well as others who may be in the area—to be cognizant of their surroundings. In addition, park users should have a flashlight available during the hours of darkness.

-HPD report

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