A Pitch to Mitch: Abide by the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority for Marijuana

An open letter to incoming Hawaii County Prosecutor, Mitch Roth.

The laws of the federal jurisdiction that claim ultimate control over the many uses of cannabis are a fraud. This centralized jurisdiction of authority can claim what it may but it cannot say it is controlling the fire that burns the premier plant of economic production in the history of civilization. Cannabis hemp has been burning steadily, more available, and used by more people every year, since President Richard Nixon conspired against his Blue Ribbon, Shaffer Study that advised against the promotion of such a fraud.

The fundamental lie that established the earlier prohibition of “marijuana” is still the axle that turns the wheel of the longest eradication war in our country’s history. In fact, in 1937 when Prohibition was re-introduced after alcohol’s prohibition caused organized crime to become a wedge in the operation of government, and in turn caused the people, by referendum, to prohibit Prohibition with the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the major drug companies were selling many cannabis treatments to a variety of health problems within the population — over-the-counter. “The safest therapeutic agent known to mankind,” as the DEA’s own administrative law judge Francis L. Young concluded in 1988 after this federal agency assessed all the government studies and took in more research to advise changing the definition in the Controlled Substances Act to delete the “dangerous drug” theory that there “is no use in medical treatment in the United States.”


Cannabis has a long history of medicinal use in the United States.

Wrong! There always was medical properties in this herbacious plant and the over-the-counter sales in 1937 sold American Cannabis at every apothecary store in business for one dollar an ounce.

With the revised promotion of Prohibition, the cost has increased 400 times and its availability common in every area of every state in the nation.

If this is control, we had better look for another justification for a policy that has managed to remove an entire segment of the population from being politically effective and moving the political spectrum so far the neo conservative right that the successful peace movement of the 60s was incarcerated among the millions of people imprisoned in the next 75 years!

Peace becomes a threat to what has become a war machine. The bankers and gangsters who are independent of auditing or control, have turned the justice system into a cow to milk the profits of the largest cash crop in the economy. Such has been the results of the federal jurisdiction’s control over this “controlled” substance.

Now the Prohibitionists have lost the medical argument, and even the First Amendment freedom to be self-governed by participatory elections that are mandated as inviolable procedural freedoms and rights in the basic law of the land — the Constitution of the United States.

The pitch to Hawaii County Prosecutor Mitch Roth — who claims to be ‘low priority’ on cannabis — is to remind him that the people who elected him are also credited with winning the election in 2008 that made the Lowest Priority adult cannabis law enforceable in the County of Hawaii.

Now we have a prosecutor who talks what should be the walk. No more of a war that makes cannabis peace activists into terrorists now being held without bail and without trial.

Along with Rev. Roger Christie, we are all political prisoners. We throw you Mitch, the pitch. Make a home run. We won.

Greywolf and Davaki,
Peaceful Sky Alliance

Greywolf and Davaki are peace activists living in Hawaii County.

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