Pacifist Cannabis Minister Rev. Roger Christie Denied Bail for 7th Time

Rev. Roger Christie, the non-violent “marijuana minister” jailed for over 2 years, has been denied bail by U.S. District Court Judge Leslie Kobayashi.

This was Christie’s 7th attempt to make bail.

Christie has been held at the Honolulu Federal Detention Center since his arrest on July 8, 2010. He has been charged with possession and distribution of marijuana to the members of his church.

Tommy Otake, Christie’s attorney, said his client was “obviously dissapointed” by the ruling.

Prior to the hearing, Otake called Christie “a peaceful man… (who) should be granted release to prepare for trial,” adding that “Reverend Christie looks forward to the day he will regain his religious freedom through due process.”

The date for Christie’s trial has been scheduled for January 23, 2013.