Ebb & Flow Arts Presents Multi Media Originals

On Saturday, July 28, 7:30pm, Ebb & Flow Arts presents the last event of North South East West Festival 2012 – Multi Media Originals.

Admission is free. Location of the event is Seabury Hall Performing Arts Studio, 480 Olinda Rd., Makawao.

MULTI MEDIA ORIGINALS comprises music, dance, video, puppetry, colored stage lighting and shadows, and narration. It features the premieres of original stage compositions commissioned by E&FA. Peter Swanzy’s “Hulehulei (mau loa)” (Seesawing/back-and-forth (endlessly)) is in 3-D. The electronic part was composed in CSOUND and Coagula.

Tony Walholm’s “Hina Nui Ke Po – A Hero’s Journey” tells the story of demigod Maui’s last adventure – his seeking of immortality for humankind.

E&FA’s multi media group features Maui-based musicians, performance artists, and painters: Francis Kane, puppeteer, Paul Marchetti, John Zangrando, Danny M., and Robert Pollock, musicians, Lisa Buell, Amy Chang, Palemo Roberts and Todd van Amburgh, performance artists.

Composer Robert Wehrman and Michael Takemoto collaborated on a screening of “A Beautiful Day for Bombing” that will occur during the production with the help of Sound Out Media.

Hula ki’i (Hawaiian puppets) will navigate the audience through the several works on the program. Francis Kane, formerly a member of Muppets, will operate the Hula ki’i.

Refreshments will be served after the concert.

For further information, write E&FA, Box 1081, Kula HI 96790; reach our website: www.ebbandflowarts.org, and call: (808) 876 1854.

Lisa Buell

Lisa Buell

Pete Swanzy

Tony Walholm

Michael Takemoto

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