Precious Metals: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Platinum EagleThis is an OP-ED. Don’t lose your mind over it – but gold can’t hold at its current price at a ratio of almost 41 to silver. I’m sure everyone knows this, but there is a lot of platinum in the system. It’s used in manufacturing, but no country ever used it as a standard – so there isn’t much platinum coinage or rounds or ingots held privately.

Gold is still trying to hold at around $1620 which is almost exactly where I called a huge drop. I still expect it but suppose…suppose gold went off and gained another ~$200. At $1,800, gold becomes more expensive than platinum which LOST $10 today (July 28).

There is enough platinum in the world and there are no laws which say the US – or any other country – can’t adopt a platinum standard, require that it be sold in futures markets in lots of 50,000 ounces and banging out a few billion coins — and printing up a new fiat currency based on it. The new world currency would still be paper but it would be convertible to a metal which has really never had a huge individual market. There wouldn’t be a demand for the actual metal, but it would still be backed by something tangible – and more valuable than gold (usually). But right now platinum is going DOWN. Why? If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d suggest that it’s so gold can overtake platinum before profit-taking in gold begins.

You think gold would keep going up? Silver? I don’t. And that’s just what I’d do. In one hour I could stabilize the national economy by locking the new currency to platinum but not releasing the platinum except to futures delivery contracts. Sure, it would start floating into circulation soon enough, but by then gold and silver will have tanked, everyone’s investment in those metals will be lost, and states might well decide to allow both of them as legal tender at a regulated price.

It’s brilliant. Your gold immediately goes to $300, silver to $8, everyone is wiped out, your ‘hedge’ is gone, and now, in order to redeem an ounce of platinum for $2,000, you need 7 ounces of gold or 250 ounces of silver and one tube of K-Y. So your choice is to sell everything you tried to hedge at a huge loss and use the fiat currency after all. Except nothing you have is worth anything no matter HOW you hedged it.

They got you again.

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