Fort Fukushima, Nebraska

Aqua Berm around Fort Calhoun admin building, June 17, 2011

Photo credit: OPPD

The Omaha Public Power District has said that, as of today, they are trying to replace the punctured aqua dam that they said they didn’t need anyway but now they do because the water really IS going to flood the plant.

If you have ever played with water toys you can imagine how much fun it will be trying to fill a 2,000 foot-long innertube in 7 feet of running Missouri river water.

And do you remember the COOPER nuclear plant just down the river? There is a lot of talk lately about levees about to break.

In the mean time, the Vermont Yankee plant has been spilling radiation for forty years and they want a permit to keep spilling it for another twenty. The report of their plant is so pitiful that the NRC won’t even accept the report! So, naturally, we can’t see it.

But those are just typical of US nuclear plants. They built them to last thirty years and didn’t bother to repair them – and now they want them re-licensed for another 20 or 30 or 40 years.

What’s up at Fukushima?  There was a 7.0 earthquake off the coast of Sendai yesterday….only about a 5.4 by the time it hit Daiichi – just enough to set everything off again. Lady Gaga was a bit premature. I’d suggest putting off that trip to Japan for…oh…10,000 years.

Los Alamos? A lot of buildings were damaged, 400 surrounding homes were lost, but AMAZINGLY, the fire never got anywhere near the 30,000 drums of high-level radioactive material that were between the fire and the lab and the homes.

Guess what happens after EVERY wildfire? Torrential rain and flooding. Yep. Guaranteed.