Collapse: It’s a Beautiful Day

Hawaiian islands from spaceKeaau, HI – I have long advocated, and actively planned to be self-sufficient. Not because I am a latter-day Boy Scout – because, to quote a brilliant economist I know quite well – myself – “We are off the cliff and in free-fall. All of the rhetoric about ‘landing on our feet’ doesn’t matter. The problem is running out of air.”

We are going to splatter. Everyone in the effing world knows it. My only fear is that the chickensh*t sissies who grew up listening to Dr. Seuss and the Muppets and Mr. Rogers instead of Roy Rogers, Rocket Man and Rin-Tin-Tin won’t be able to stand up and be men when the country needs men.

Half the people in this ridiculous state ┬ádon’t believe firearms are legal at all and the other half are convicted felons and can’t own a firearm. Convicted felons – for marijuana! How stupid is it to make plants illegal? Worried about sharks? Make them illegal. It ought to be illegal to make anything illegal.

I could actually understand restricting someone’s right to a firearm if they have demonstrated irresponsible behavior – like ‘Shoot ’em again Sven’, the Norwegian who leisurely shot over 200 sitting ducks over a period of hours and still killed less than half of them….or the LAPD shootout when two armored gunmen with automatic weapons shot at everyone in sight for hours and managed to kill NO ONE AT ALL – oh – except themselves. OK, maybe Sven shouldn’t have a rifle. Following that logic though, people convicted of growing marijuana shouldn’t be allowed to buy fertilizer. What happened to making the punishment fit the crime? Confiscating people’s property is no more and no less than legally sanctioned theft — just like selling robo-mortgages and then illegally repossessing the homes. That’s going to come to a screeching halt in about a New York minute.

I can phrase this literally. Half the people in Washington are arguing over who pushed the country off the cliff. That argument cannot be determined and serves no purpose. The other half are arguing about how large a parachute to toss over the cliff after the country. That doesn’t matter either. The parachute can’t fall fast enough to catch the country. There is actually a third line of thought. The ‘don’t worry, be happy’ crowd who think the flow of cool air feels good and the sand at the bottom looks pretty soft- so why worry about details like terminal velocity?

Personally, I never cared enough about money to save any at all in the form of liquid assets. I have toys, and I have everything a small town would need to survive on a remote island – and what I don’t have, I know how to make or I know who does have it. I have nothing to lose, so I see this as a grand, epic drama, years in the making – except it’s not like a television. When it gets to the part no one likes, they won’t be able to turn it off.

Dr. Tom is a retired scientist who is now farming on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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