Mayor Kenoi’s “Public Relations” Staff Quiet on Kama’aina Pumping Scandal

Billy Kenoi: Speechless

Hawai`i County Mayor Billy Kenoi: Speechless

A public/media relations professional is the opposite of a journalist, in that a public relations crisis entails damage control, not damage proliferation. And a journalist by profession is the worst pick to be in charge of public relations. (The most recent example par excellence of a public relations pro is Charlie Sheen’s publicist, who quit because this magnanimous pro could not stomach any more b.s. from Sheen. Or consider Wailuku Drive native sweetie Elisa Yadao now some 55 yrs. old or so, who could not stomach Bishop Estate’s Lindsey et al., and quit abruptly like Sheen’s publicist did. Bigtime news 14 yrs. ago!)

Mayor Billy Kenoi’s hiring of Journalists Kevin Dayton, Bobby Command and Hunter Bishop at sky-high salaries does not fulfill inexperienced wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn Mayor Kenoi’s perpetual craving to hide the facts via hocus-pocus voodoo economics. As pseudonym go lakers tells us….

The County of Hawaii has hired former journalists at huge salaries which they have absolutely not earned by their failure to organize, center and craft Billy Kenoi’s policies, messages and reputation. Hiring journalists as PR reps is a stretch. It’s like trying to turn a mule into a race horse. No can.

But to make these guys Executive Assistants? And to expect them to be not just public relations experts but now directors of the operations of County of Hawaii government? This is a disservice to the voters and tax payers of Hawai`i County.

Kenoi’s Journalists are failures as Public Relations reps. And now we are counting on them to run the nuts and bolts of County government?

What management experience does Mr. Dayton have in supervising operations, advising on government policy and managing people? Where in the government sector or the private sector has Mr. Dayton gained this type of experience or know-how? Does he have a bachelor’s degree in public administration or an MBA?

My understanding… zero experience in running a business, government, or an organization.

What about Hunter Bishop? The new Deputy Director of Environmental Management has no engineering degree nor experience in environmental waste issues…it’s a good thing Frank De Marco has an engineering degree and experience…but Mr. Bishop does not.

Any experience by Mr. Bishop in public relations?

If either did…both Dayton and Bishop should have responded to Flicklinger’s column’s allegations concerning Kama’aina Pumping Service.

The Kama’aina allegations are occurring in his department, reported to the West Hawaii Today by his own department employees in Environmental Management…..right under his nose!

And no comment.

These two are not practicing Public Relations.

Pseudonym go lakers is correct.

Any public relations rep doing his job would have responded to the West Hawaii Today column… Mr Dayton responded to the Iwasaki-Higbee letter two years ago by yanking the contract and sending out a media release….and the public relations professional would have stated to the public that the county would be taking these allegations seriously, would be interviewing county employees, do a full investigation and would follow up and disclose the county’s findings and follow-up with a public statement.

An open and transparent government!

A county government which would not only spend and use our limited resources wisely, but would take VERY SERIOUSLY the supposed breach in public trust being alleged by their own employees.

That is why I see the hot-line put together by Council Member Dominic Yagong as a pro-active measure being we cannot even count on Dayton or Bishop to handle the issue properly because they have failed to do so.

The hot-line would not be needed if the supposed “public relations officials” had done their jobs.

And why would the Mayor’s office terminate the Office of Information and Complaints…move all civil service employees out of the office..and keep only the appointed positions around the Mayor’s office?

No wonder Council Chair Dominic Yagong set up the complaint hot-line when the public now has nowhere to get information and/or file a complaint.

Would Mr. Dayton care to comment or does he rather enjoy blogging about “softball” subjects and issues?

Again…maybe unqualified, inexperienced, and overpaid…no?