Roger Christie Reaches Out from Detention

Aloha to you Mike, and to your readers. Thanks for all your kindness and support. It matters ~ and we feel it.

I’m doing pretty well considering the situation. I’m really UP spiritually, emotionally, mentally; physically OK. There’s purpose, meaning and love in my life, that’s why. In many ways I feel blessed, and I’m still an activist at heart. We’re living our faith and practicing our spirituality … religiously. We feel this whole experience is part of our personal growth; it’s for an even HIGHer purpose than we previously realized we needed, or wanted. God, that’s great.

Please know that the federal legal system is TOTALLY different from State laws and courts, etc. We had zero idea of how it really worked until this new chapter of our legal education. For instance, I’m told that if I testify in my own defense at a trial that I will be charged with an additional ‘crime’ of “obstructing justice” and have extra years added to any potential sentence. How do you like them apples? It’s a pretty sobering ride, to be sure. Ever hear of that?

Consider that the feds zero admit to this day that there even is such a thing as non-pharmaceutical “medical marijuana” and you begin to get the idea. How can that be? They have the Judge Young decision, the studies of reducing tumors and preventing cancers, etc., etc. and they still deny all of it and let millions of people suffer and die, and others go to prison unnecessarily, lose their children, homes, etc. … routinely. Just another day at the office. Virtually all news media and most citizens allow this to happen, and the Congress members who created this system easily get re-elected again and again.

Now we hear that the feds are starting to license pharmaceutical companies o-n-l-y to grow Cannabis for medicine. “There’s NO medical marijuana except OUR medical marijuana.” You begin to get the idea of how different this ‘government’ is from what we thought it would be as we pledged allegiance to the flag back in grade school … ‘with liberty and justice for all’.

This is a big week for us as ‘plea bargain’ talk is in the air and is on the table for consideration. It’s obviously a big deal for each of us faced with a life-altering decision to make, either way we choose to go. Share and I appreciate all of your comments, ideas and suggestions; whether supportive, critical or whatever, and we will read all that are posted in the coming days.

Please know that we’ve been getting positive, measurable results from our spiritual practice (, and we look forward to a successful outcome. Visualize victory!

Love and respect to everyone,