Fukushima FUBAR

  • TEPCO official admits there will be “major delay” to contain crisis because of triple meltdown — Stabilizing reactors by start of 2012 may be “impossible” — Japan Times
  • Fukushima risks Chernobyl ‘Dead Zone’ — Over 5,000,000 becquerels per square meter of Cesium-137 outside 20 km zone —  Bloomberg
  • Off the Chart: 225 Sieverts per hour at Reactor No. 1 — Highest radiation dose yet measured — atmc.jp
  • Steam from No. 2 spent fuel pool is filling reactor building, humidity at 99.9% — Cesium level now double No. 1 — NHK
  • Fears that storm’s deluge could spread radiation from ‘uncovered’ reactor buildings into air — Japan Times
  • Fukushima nuclear plant is “leaking like a sieve” — Nature

Fukushima Unit 4, March 15, 2011I must be able to see the future, because I am SURE I said every bit of this – and stated that it would be an ongoing problem – and that the TEPCO timeline to ‘cold shutdown’ was impossible because ‘cold shutdown’ is impossible. This is going to last for hundreds of years. It cannot be fixed.

People cannot even begin to grasp the enormity of the issue until TEPCO and the IAEA finally admit they are liars and that this is a ‘forever’ problem on the scales we understand as humans. They can’t clean it up. They cannot bury it. They cannot entomb it in concrete and they can’t move it – and it is still sitting adjacent to the same fault line – so the earthquakes are going to keep coming and typhoons and, probably, tsunamis.

It cannot be fixed and people are going to start dying of cancer. They are dying now, but it isn’t being reported. MILLIONS of people a year can die in hospitals of cancer and no one will ever know – because MILLIONS of people a year are dying in hospitals every year from minor medical mistakes and no one knows it. People check into hospitals and they don’t check out and everyone thinks that’s just the breaks – after all, they WERE in a hospital, right? So they MUST have been getting good care, RIGHT?!?!?!?