Tuesday Joint Conference for SB 1458

Tuesday, April 26, 1:30 pm is the conference committee between the House and Senate to discuss SB 1458, SD2, HD3, which aims to establish a medical marijuana dispensary pilot program in the state of Hawai`i.

This is where the two committees come together and possibly come up with a bill that they can agree on.

The major problem is in the House with members advancing a far more restrictive and conservative version of the original bill SB 1458 such as a single medical marijuana dispensary site on Maui for 2 years leaving the Big Island and other islands in the cold for at least another two years.

This morning I phoned all the House Conference Committee members and ask you to phone them, too. I asked each of the reps secretaries if anyone had phoned them to date and all of them said I was the first one they spoke to in regard to SB1458, SD2, HD3, so this is very very bad.

Please phone the House committee members that will frame this bill tomorrow and tell them:

  1. We do not support the single dispensary site on Maui because it is unfair to the patients on the other islands.
  2. We do not support the $20,000 licensing fee for dispensaries which will bore on the backs of the patients.
  3. We do not support the $100 administrative fee for visiting out of state patients as this is an unusually high amount for patients who are only going to be here for a short time and still need to take their medicine.
  4. Allow in this bill for patients to be able to transport their medicine from between the islands as many patients travel to Oahu for medical treatment.
  5. Tell them that you support the bill passed in the Senate SB 1458 SD 2, or something broader than the House version .
  6. Any other thing you think will benefit the patients.

Also, tell them to read the testimony submitted from previous committee meetings. We, the patients, know what will serve our needs and we need our elected officials to represents our best interests.

Here are the phone numbers of the representatives that will be in the conference committee meeting:

Of course (808) Area Code

Yamane 586-6150
Aquino 586-6520
Keith-Agaran 586-6210
Oshiro, M. 586-6200
Ito 586-8470
Riviere 586-6380

Good luck,

Andrea, Co – Chair