Quantitative Easing: Train, Meet Cliff

Half the people are predicting doom and gloom and the other half have their heads in the sand. I don’t want to be known for doom and gloom but for those of you who haven’t noticed yet, ‘Quantitative Easing’ is Washington-speak for trying to slow the train down enough for the First Class passengers to jump off before it gets to the bridge over the Grand canyon that has washed away.

That’s as simple an analogy as I can think of — and the train is only one more curve from the bridge.  You can blame Obama, but there is really no point – he can’t do anything and he knows it.  He hasn’t had any honest passion in his voice since the day he was sworn in.

I believe he got over to the White house for his first REAL briefing and someone told him that the country is going down regardless, and he is the fool who was set up to take the blame for it.

Sure, there is all this talk about the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati and the New World Order — but the truth is that America spent itself into bankruptcy and has no way out.

We can blame elite bankers, but they only did it because we let them. Now we can’t crank up our steel mills anymore and make tanks to defend the borders because we don’t have any more steel mills.

As far as GMO products, we can’t stop using them for several reasons:

(1) it has been given an artificial 10,000 year evolutionary advantage. ‘Normal’ crops can’t compete — and that was certainly done on purpose. And GMO crops require a lot of chemical fertilizer. (2) without ‘enhanced yield’ GMO crops, the entire WORLD will begin to starve almost immediately, and (3) we don’t even know which products ARE GMO.

America has only one product left — printing money.  A gallon of milk is over $10 and 87 octane ethanol crap is over $4 a gallon and going straight up.

One day — and it could be today, but certainly before summer — the ride will be over.  It was fun, but we are 350 million people and we have been trying to support 5 BILLION – most of whom hate us anyway.

Don’t kid yourselves – the entire WORLD is hanging on the edge of their chairs waiting to see us have to eat the shit sandwich we have been feeding them for a century.  They don’t have long to wait.