The gift of giving, nonsensical as it sounds

I vowed to myself that yesterday’s one special day of the year for me, when I reckon I cry to be pampered and spoiled, coddled and caressed, felt to climax in mind-blowing ecstacy — that instead of being forsaken to indifference and irrelevance, and relegated to heartbreaking entropy and solitary isolated desolation — I’d pull a twist on fate and give to those dearest to me what I tap as my gift from within, my “wish verses” of hope and happiness — after all, for what is a gift but to be shared — the gift of sharing is the Ultimate Disguised Blessing to what a gift really is — to share is the Highest Truth.

Unspeakably and unthinkably exceptional sage Steven Kalas born 1958, a person wise way beyond his years, just as Jesus was when Jesus self-actualized, transformed, and transcended the field of our failed human condition, at age 30 [akin back then to Steven Kalas’ age today], emotes most immensely of our gift of suffering to redeem our humanity, in service to Jesus, who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all by giving up His Life for our sins — in Steven’s heartstopper tribute to his dearest son here —

Jan. 31, 2010
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