Systemic Autotoxification as evidenced by the imprisonment of Roger Christie and Julian Assange

Autotoxification — A poison that acts on the organism in which it is generated.” (1)

In geometry, two points determine a line. There are several parallels that span the physical and circumstantial distances between Reverend Roger Christie and Julian Assange, indicating the advanced, systemic autotoxification of two major courts. There are many symptoms of unreason similarly portending the eventual breakdown of human society. (2, 3)

Extrapolating on those line of thought, and the consequences of inaction physically and symbolically represented in vertical rows of steel bars, the injustices being imposed on both men effectively imprison everyone. On our behalf, the two men have been immobilized, unable to navigate their lines of fate, in suspension, waiting for the public public debt of increasing consciousness to be paid on their common sacrifice, selflessly investing their uncommon trust in the power of truth.

The obvious righteousness of their paths indicate an obvious general conclusion. Anti-Constitutional imprisonment of Reverend Roger Christie and the rabid persecution of Julian Paul Assange are glaring indications of systemic autotoxification. From ecological, economic and social perspectives, what is being done to both prisoners — and more importantly — what optimal benefit could be achieved by drawing reasoned conclusion from two empirical coordinates, indicates essential value in initiating objective, comprehensive global consideration of both cases.

The valorous work of Jullian Assange, Roger Christie and others, risks personal well-being and liberty in an effort to awaken humanity to obvious and “extinctionistic” flaws in our society. The collective human brain is struggling to come out of the protracted, chemically-induced stupor we inherited from previous generations of uninformed people. What happens with Christie and Assange will determine whether we can coordinate our actions to our evolved consciousness in time to address foreseeable consequences culminating in the insurmountable forces of Nature, threatening irreversible synergistic collapse at the end of the process that we’re presently in the initial stages of.

Essentially, our generation is faced with a conscious polar shift in values. If we choose to avoid extinction, then first we must commit to basing decisions made on truth and fact. Anyone who dismisses truth and fact as meaningless and powerless perpetuates acceptance as valid the unreasoned antics of an unaccountable, infantile species.

Most people living today were born into the inertia of an economic model based in chemicals and war. The symptoms of self-destructive political manipulation, as evidenced in the vicious imprisonment of both Christie and Assange, are made possible by secrecy and the intentional impeding of critical information, we have acted as though consumption of toxic fuels

Google “Julian Assange, Wiki” and you’ll get about about 1,350,000 results 0.18 seconds; “Roger Christie, THC” yields about 33,200 results in 0.14 seconds. Add up the number of hits on each website and a matrix of communication exists, though mostly in a somewhat random array of articles, books, blogs, comments.

As with any youngster, our species is learning to walk, speak and behave within the context of a very strict parent, Mother Nature. The paternal image of deity is convenient in completing a set of “parents” for humankind to respect, learn from and obey. Regardless of human religious doctrine, the Laws of Nature are the physical result of “the Father’s” creation.

To Be Continued…

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by John Burnett, Tribune-Herald Staff Writer
Published: Sunday, December 12, 2010 8:41 AM HST

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