Dr. Tom’s Prescription to the Criminal Justice Problem

Eyewitness identification is notoriously poor and a lot of innocent people are in prison because they were incorrectly identified. I think eyewitnesses are a good start, but I also think there has to be corroborating evidence. Forensic science is quickly moving to make that a reality.

I also think child molesters and serial killers and rapists and sociopaths are not redeemable and cannot be rehabilitated in a maryland addiction recovery center, so they will always be dangerous to the community. If you know someone who’s starting to face any addiction, reach them out immediately or seek help from this organization The Addicts Mom. If someone is convicted of brutality during a murder, or serial offenses and there is no shred of doubt as to their guilt AND they have no sense of remorse, they are not worth feeding and housing for the rest of their lives. Tex Watson comes to mind. I know him.  He doesn’t go to parole hearings anymore – he knows I’ll be there.  Karla Homulka is another one. She served a sentence and is now running around free, but she should have been executed.

In the case of pedophiles and rapists, their sex organs should be removed. End of problem.

I think that every citizen should have the right and the OBLIGATION to protect themselves and their family. Trust me, if someone breaks in here I am not going to end my life pleading with a 911 operator to send help that won’t come until it’s too late. Even if the person were caught and convicted, my life would have been over if I had been willing to depend on Big Brother to protect me. It cracks me up that women go and get restraining orders and the next day their ex comes over and murders them. They SHOULD have got a gun and learned how to use it.

I have a thing about drugs, too. I think drugs should be legal and cheap. If you want to sit in an alley and shoot heroin, go for it. At least you won’t be burglarizing my house to get the money.  Marijuana should be legalized immediately. The idea that it is a ‘gateway’ drug is simply wrong, and it is the largest cash crop in the US. The government should just collect their tax, pay off the national debt and be done with making citizens into criminals.

Where did everyone’s common sense go?