Fluid progressive [like Maile David] vs. retrograde orthodoxy [like Link Ashida]

Jimmy Arakaki served for 16 yrs. on our County Council, from 1990-2006, with 8 yrs. as its chairperson. Our 1996 Charter amendment on term limits of 8 yrs. limited Arakaki to serve up to 2004, but our Supreme Court only ruled on this in 2008, 2 yrs. after Arakaki left office. Aaron Chung & Curtis Tyler both opted out from running for re-election when their 8 yr. limit came up in 2004, noting that the people had spoken via the 1996 Charter amendment to limit Chung/
Tyler to serve only until 2004. But Arakaki was part of the ole’ boy network who opted to retrench his power via re-election which extended his stay illegally for another 2 yrs. from 2004-2006, during which time Arakaki chaired over his divisive politics of West Hawai’i trash, road, development [Arakaki shamelessly promotes development to increase our tax revenue to avert our County’s fiscal bankruptcy brought on by former Mayor Kim & perpetuated by Arakaki’s little boy Billy Kenoi], & a plethora of other issues for which Arakaki was devoid of authority to preside over.

Just the same, the Maile David candidate residency issue was a futile exercise in retrograde banishment of an eligible candidate for public office, an anachronistic provision on the books since 1962, half a century ago, when canard laws against miscegenation or interracial marriage and against fornication [shacking up] still were on the books. Such matters odious to the rights of liberty retained by the people of the United States, including the right of geographical mobility in Maile David’s case 3 months ago, and including the right to time-limit solons to avert graft and corruption which ripen as time goes on as in Jimmy Arakaki’s anti-will of the people case 6 yrs. ago, do hot button and divide America into 2 definable polarities — progressives like Maile David of her candidacy and Aaron Chung/Curtis Tyler of their term limits — vs. retrograde old orthodoxy stanchions/prop-ups like Lincoln Ashida in both the Maile David & Jimmy Arakaki cases .