Nuclear Weapons for Idiots

I suppose I had better explain how nukes work.  A lot of countries have a few.  Pakistan, Iran, Israel, North Korea, India, Britain, Germany, France….there are more, but you get the idea.  A FEW countries have a lot and the delivery systems to put them anywhere in minutes.  The United States, Russia and China fall into that second group.  Now Russia is getting tired of Muslims.  Trust me.  They are.  So is China,  We aren’t quite there yet, but we will be in a few years.  It just so happens that our economy tanked just about two years ago now and TRILLIONS of dollars seemingly disappeared.  The politicians say that money went to the banks and Wall street, but it didn’t trickle down to us, so a moderately bright individual, who understands the basics of economics, will immediately understand that it didn’t go to executive bonuses.  And because banks make money by lending money, it didn’t go to the banks.  They aren’t lending money anymore.  They are trying to stay afloat.

Where did all that money go?  It went to China to pay our overdue interest payments.  And we are STILL borrowing a BILLION dollars a day from China just to pay them the interest we owe them.  What happened two years ago is that Dubya went to China, acted like an ass, and when he got back they showed us how quickly they could take down our economy.  Hours, not days.  So he had to start paying them and he had to make the money appear to go somewhere and that’s what Obama inherited.

Now then, let’s get back to our main story.  We owe the Chinese a Billion dollars a day and we are just barely making the interest payments.  But the Chinese aren’t stupid and they are perfectly happy to keep loaning us the money to pay our own debt.  China thinks long-term.  As part of the deal we cut with them two years ago, we promised not to vote against them at Copenhagen, and we didn’t.  We also agreed to let them take back Taiwan when they decide to.  And we will.  We won’t go to war; Taiwan belongs to China.

However, both China and Russia have a vested interest in the United States.  That’s harder to explain and I’d probably end up in Gitmo tomorrow if I started connecting the dots, but neither China nor Russia are going to stand by while countries on their borders engage in a nuclear conflict.  The world is changing.  Neither of them mind us getting a bloody nose in the mid-east.  That’s just payback for things we did in the past.  But neither of them are going to let Israel nuke the eastern oil fields which is their only trump card.  “You take us out, we destroy the world’s supply of oil for 10,000 years.”  That isn’t going to happen. EVERYONE knows it.

So here are the strategic realities.  Israel is not tenable as a nation unless ‘someone’ takes out Iran and Pakistan’s nuclear capability or lets Iran take out Israel.  China and Russia don’t give a damn for Israel because the oil is in Iraq and Iran….so we are walking a tightrope. We own Iraq, but we spent so much time bullshitting that we weren’t there for the oil, and that we would leave whenever they asked us, that it bit us in the ass.  They hate us and want us to leave….but we need the oil and we are going to have to get it.

In the mean time, Russia and China are perfectly happy to watch us become a paper tiger and waste our resources on bullshit like the TSA and the war on drugs and attempting to disarm our population so that Mexico can invade California and no one can do a fvcking thing about it. But the buck stops at the Billion dollars a day.  If someone threatens to stop that money from flowing to China, the shit will hit the fan.

Have no doubt folks.  If we survive to 2,100, we will be a province of China…..except Southern California, New Mexico and Arizona (and maybe parts of Texas) which will be Mexico.

Everyone is bailing out of Congress because they don’t want their names associated with this.  Barack Obama hasn’t smiled for weeks….or months.  He gets briefed on this every day. ‘Dubya’ Bush is laying low because he FINALLY grasps that he destroyed America and will catch the blame throughout history.

But what do I get from my brilliant cohorts?  “OMG!  Obama gave Interpol the same standing as the Pacific Salmon Commission”.  You just can’t run a country of fools. Barack.  And that’s what we have become.

“The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedients, and by parts… the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
~Edmund Burke

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