Our new Council Chair Dominic Yagong

Dom Yagong (born 1959) was star quarterback at Honoka’a High, and as is typical of the field general, is decisive and bold a la Gen. Patton.   Dom served as our County Council member from Hamakua (1996-2002), at which time he recused himself for business career reasons, not to do with political projections.   Dom ran for mayor vs. Harry Kim in 2004 because of Harry’s bloated work force & ball-bursting budget,  both of which  portended fiscal bankruptcy.    Dom confesses to throwing Dom’s hat into the ring w/only 8 weeks to go, such a late start, but Dom correctly knows that Harry Kim needed to be set straight, which Harry did not do till Harry’s end.   Dom became our Hamakua Council member again in 2006, and deferred to Angel Pilago for mayor because of Dom’s business career decision — Dom has a burgeoning family which correctly require his heart & soul.    Dom was our great Finance chair until Dom got double-crossed by inept renegades who propped nin-kom-poop Fresh Onishi to be Finance chair.    Paradox is that by Dom getting liquidated by our so-called bumbling cabal [incl. Onishi/Enriques], Dom’s greatest feat manifested as Dom our amazingly resilient progressive reformer [fiscal conservative/social liberal].   These past 2 years have demonstrated Dom as the greatest lawmaker in the 105-year history of Hawai’i County government.  No kidding. Dom razzes me for correctly calling Dom a borot [Filipino for show-off].   But Dom stops in mid-breath when I tell Dom that Frank Fasi (1920-2010) was the greatest mayor in the history of the Hawaiian Islands, albeit Fasi also is the most cunning/razor-sharp plotter in the history of politics in the Hawaiian Islands.   Need I say that Harry Kim is the greatest carpet-bagger in the history of Hawaiian Islands politics?

Mayor in 2012?    Take your pick. Dom or Angel [Pilago]?     Hell commeth or banal business courtesies?    Need I emphasize that our greatest solons are the Do-ers like Fasi/Dom Yagong?    Billy Kenoi is history, apt for my recount.    Hell commeth [vs. special interest/government  profiteers] in Yagong or banal business courtesies?     Take your pick.      Yagong is the greatest lawmaker in the 105 year history of Hawai’i County government.   Hands down.

Basilio Yagong (1938-2006) governs beloved son Dom. Dom is anything but our Pope to father Basilio.   In honor of Basilio, who died just before Dom stepped up to Dom’s 2nd reign as Council member, it is Basilio who nurtured in Dom unspoken humility and the purity to dissuade avarice and caprice in Dom’s God-given DNA.   Throw rastignacs/power profiteers Yamashiro and Arakaki [dynamite Uchinanchu-Okinawans] at Dom — Dom brushes them off like cotton fluff.   Dom is superhuman because his papa Basilio made Dom to be immune from government profiteers.   So yes, Dom can borot [show off] out all Dom wants to.   But Papa Basilio always is in Dom’s corner to steady him thru the gaping jaws of temptation and hell, even as we speak.    There comes a time when a man’s gotta know his limitations, per Clint Eastwood’s persona.

Dom’s limitation is deference to his beloved Papa Basilio.   For this concession and such others so treasured in spirit and soul, like Dom and his dearest wife Hilda Honda Yagong and children,  there are no regrets, just spiritual joy and comfort. Family.    Life is not worth living without family.      I trace back to papa Basilio Dom’s resurgence as the greatest lawmaker in the 105-year history of our Hawai’i County government.    My chosen bio-blip of Dom via his papa Basilio rests on the father of biography, Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), whose method called “domestic privacies  uses anecdotes/incidents selectively [“domestic privacies”] which reveal true character.    Johnson is the most-quoted English writer after Shakespeare.   High praise, considering that Shakespeare is the most important historymaker since Jesus Christ.

Johnson’s personal coherent chronology to illustrate character change became today’s personal narrative as the historian’s expression.    In literature, stream of consciousness/free association emerged via Johnson’s method.    More of the new historians now are trying to discover what was going on inside people’s heads in the past, and what it was like to live in the past, questions which inevitably lead back to the use of narrative.   Luso translator Edgar Knowlton Jr. says that “people looking for their roots now wish they knew more about their ancestors & how life was for them. If you find out what interested them creatively, this will give them further dimension for you.

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